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Dec 2, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  No Comments


Hey Class,

I want to interview my roommates for you guys on my next video.  I need a list of questions from you guys that I can ask them.  Here is some background information on John and Bill that may stimulate some ideas.  Do you want to know what classes they are taking, what their “favorites” are, or why they have beards?  Just a few brainstorming ideas.  Just send me what questions that you want answered and I will do the rest. 

Hope your week is going well.  Keep working hard, stay warm, and no complaining!

Go Bucky,


Thank You

Nov 30, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  No Comments

I have to send you guys a huge thank you for all of the motivational poems that you have been sending me weekly.  I always look forward to Fridays to see what you guys wrote.  My favorite part was when you called the Northwestern Wildcats the Kittties.  They certainly played like a bunch of kitties.  I think you guys could teach a class on poetry.  You guys are so clever.

I also want to thank all of you for the huge poster that all of you signed.  John and Bill put it up in our apartment without me even knowing.  They did say later that they were a little disappointed though because they did not get anything written to them 🙁 . I told them to quit complaining like two little babies.

Thanks guys!

#9 Rose Bowl Bound

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Quick question: Does anyone know what “The Grand-daddy of Them All” is?
Answer: It’s the Rose Bowl Game, and that is where the Badgers are headed!!! It is one of the biggest games in college football history!  That’s right class, we’re going to Disneyland!

We got the news after beating the Northwestern University Wildcats on Saturday by the score of 70-23  . The victory gave us a share of the Big Ten Conference Championship! It was an awesome way to finish our last game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. It was also Senior Day, which meant that it was my last ever game at Camp Randall Stadium.

With Lance Kendricks, Gabe Carimi, John "The Messy One" Moffitt, Bill Nagy, and the Big Ten Championship Trophy

It was really cool having my whole family out on the field to greet me before the game.
Like you guys mentioned, JJ Watt was all over the field! He has been doing that all season long. I’m just glad that he is on my team and not on the other team coming after me! Should I interview him for you guys? The best part is that JJ is ten times a better person than he is a football player. Read more >>

#8 Getting Behind

Nov 15, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  No Comments


I know guys, it has been a while. Sorry for that. I have just been really busy with school work, football, and cleaning up after you-know-who.

Right now I am struggling in one of my classes. The class is Accounting 300, which is a tough one here at Wisconsin. It deals with how business keep track of their spending through record-keeping and a whole bunch of numbers. It is basically a complicated math class. What has gotten me in trouble is getting behind. Early in the semester I completed some homework assignments correctly, but I didn’t really know the “why” of my homework and did not read the chapters well enough. I had a bunch of questions, but I failed to get them answered. I thought to myself, “oh well, I will eventually get them answered in class or when other students ask the same question.” As time went on, my new questions started to pile up on my old ones, and all of a sudden I was trying to find a way out of this deep hole that I had been digging for weeks. As it stands right now, I am still trying hard to get caught up. I am close to where I want to be, but it has been a real pain the past two weeks playing catch-up. It really wasn’t worth being lazy early in the semester.


#7 Bye Week

Oct 26, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  No Comments


Whew, another thriller!  Is anyone still sweating from the Badger game on Saturday?  Was that a close one or what?!  It was back and forth the entire game, but we were lucky enough to pull out a 31-30 victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes.  I even got a high-five from Bucky after the game, which was really cool!

Holding up the Heartland trophy after beating the Hawkeyes

This week we have what is called a “bye”.  It means that we do not have a game next Saturday. Every team gets one of these at some point during the season.  Although we do not have a game, we still practice 3 times this week to make sure that we stay sharp and don’t get rusty.  The bye week could not have come at a better time for us.  We have a lot of injured and banged up players that need a week to rest and get healthy.

So what will I do with this extra free time this week?  Read more >>

#6 We did it!

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Hey Class,

First and foremost, I need to give a big thank you for the cheer you sent me before the game.  It really got me fired up and ready to play.  You guys are really good rhymers!

Tens of thousands of fans storm the field in victorious celebration after the Wisconsin Badgers football team defeated the number-one-ranked Ohio State University Buckeyes, 32-18, during a night game at Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Oct. 16, 2010.

I can’t believe 14 of you actually watched the game!  I thought all of you would be doing homework 😉 .  Well, Will, sounds like you have bragging rights for the rest of the year with your mom.  It was a neat feeling having my brother right there to celebrate with me on the field after the game.  When the game was over, it was one of the greatest feelings ever!  We had worked so hard and put in so many tireless hours to get to that point.  It was really rewarding to see it all pay off.  It is just like when you study really hard for a test and then do really well on it because of how hard you prepared for it.

As a side note, one of the most exciting things that happened to me last week was that our apartment got cleaned.  My roommate John’s parents were in town for the week from Connecticut and his mom cleaned everything!  It was so nice to not have any more dirty dishes in the sink and not have John’s messy clothes in a pile by his room.  I need to give a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Moffitt. Read more >>

#5 Reputation and Practice

Oct 11, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  2 Comments


Hey Everyone,
I just realized while sending this that today is 10/10/10.  Pretty cool, at least I think so.

So all of you want to know why I eat so much, huh?  The truth is that I am just always hungry.  I have always been this way.  The funny thing is that nobody else in my family is this way.  When we used to have family dinners at my house when I was younger, I used to eat twice as much as my brothers.  It helps out now because I need to be as heavy as possible during football season to absorb the hits that I take.  I like to think of it like this…. the more weight I have, the more cushion I have.  My favorite foods are spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Do any of you have the same favorites?

I did not get a chance to see Barack Obama on his visit.  It was EXTREMELY crowded and I didn’t think it was worth fighting through the crowds because I only had a 1 hour opening in my day.

It is disappointing to hear that you guys are having trouble listening and following directions.  Read more >>

#4 Monday Schedule and Persistence

Oct 4, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  1 Comment


What’s new everyone? What are you guys up to these days?

The badgers had a huge victory on Saturday.  We won 70-3!  The team that we played was not very good.  Right now our coaches are making sure that we stay humble.  Does anyone know what this word means? What it means is that they do not want us to get too excited because the teams that we play coming up will be much tougher opponents.  They want us to understand that we need to keep getting better and improving and not be satisfied because our games are about to get much tougher.  They want us to keep striving to get better as a team.  It’s the same way with school.  Even if you get an A on your first math test, you need to keep getting better at math so that you can continue to get good scores on your upcoming math tests.  You should ALWAYS work hard and try to improve, no matter what the case may be.  This is called being PERSISTENT.  Let’s all try to be more persistent!

On another note, here is what I am doing today (Monday).  This is our OFF day for football. Read more >>

#3 What a nail-biter!

Sep 23, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  1 Comment


Hey Everybody!

Thanks a lot for the e-mail that you sent Friday.  I did actually take a look at it on Friday and appreciate all of your support.  I’m sorry that I didn’t throw four touchdown passes on Saturday like you asked for…maybe another week.

Whew! What a game! Did any of you that watched it on TV want to jump out of your seat?

Jay Valai blocks the would-be game tieing kick

It was back and forth the whole game and was really exciting whether you were a player or a fan.  It is a lot more fun playing or watching a close game rather than a blow-out where the score isn’t even close.  We won the game by one point because Badger player Jay Valai blocked a kick that would have tied the game.

This week we play the Austin Peay University Governors. 

Austin Peay Governors

Does anyone know where Ausitn Peay University is located or what a Governor is?  That is the homework assignment that I am giving to all of you.  The great part is that if you don’t do it, you won’t lose any points… I won’t even know if you did it or didn’t 🙂 . 


#2 My classes and Bucky!

Sep 21, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  1 Comment


All I can say is WOW! You guys were busy this summer! New Jersey, Canada, and all the way to India even! Sounds like everyone had a ton of fun this summer. I wish got to go to those places!

Seeing the Stanley Cup trophy was really cool. The best part of that was making Mr. Mueller jealous.

Did anyone watch our game on Saturday against San Jose St.? We won 27-14, but we did not play very good at all. I did not have a very good game either; I made too many mistakes. Our coaches were not happy with us because they thought we should have won by many more points.

This week we have our toughest game of the season so far. We play the Arizona State University Sun Devils and they are a very good team. It will be a tough test for our team. We need to play much better than the last two weeks to get another win. The game is on at 2:30 on ESPN.

This semester my classes are