#10 East Coast Trips and Exams

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Hey Class,

Can you find New York City and Baltimore?

Sorry it has been so long since the last update.  I was in New York City for a few days and then in Baltimore for another couple of days last week.  Does anybody know where these two cities are located? 

 It was a fun experience getting to go to both of these places.  I have never been to New York before, and all I can say is that it is HUGE!  I seriously think that you could place 10 Chicagos inside of New York City (Check out the video from the top of the Empire State Building).  While I was in New York, I got to see a Rockette’s show at Radio City Music Hall and got to visit the Empire State Building.  It was a memorable experience altogether.

Empire State Building

Unitas Award banquet in Baltimore, MD. With my coach, Bill Curry, Mom, Dad, Johnny Unitas, Jr., and Raymond Berry

The only bad part about being out of town last week is that I am now knee-deep in school work.  Right now I am in the middle of an intense game of catch-up.  The worst part is that we have final exams next week.  I had my fun last week, so now it is time to get back to work.  My home this week is going to be the library.

I also wanted to give you guys a big thank for the cards and goodie box.  John and Bill’s faces lit up when I opened the box.  They were also really excited to get cards from all of you.  John was wondering why everyone keeps calling him a mess.  I told him to take a peak at his room.  A couple of you asked Bill about his beard in your cards.  He said he has the beard to keep his face warm in the winter time.  The goodie box came at the perfect time because we have not been to the grocery store in a while.  I think the box will be empty in another week.

Baltimore, Maryland

What subjects/projects are you guys working on up until winter break?  Are all of you antsy to get some time away from Mrs. Grisaffe, Mrs. Mueller, and Mrs. Doktor?  I think that all of us, including myself, need to try our best to stay focused for one more week of school.  We can have our fun after that, but until then, school is our number one priority.

Well, it was nice to finally catch up with you guys.  It is time for me to bundle up and head over to my next class, community newswriting.  Today’s assignment was to write a letter to the editor.

Keep working hard for one more week.

On Wisconsin,


P.S. You guys were asking about my accounting class struggles.  I have been studying hard by reading my textbook and going over my class notes, and I also have been meeting one-on-one with my teacher, so I am slowly learing the material.  It hasn’t been much fun, but I think I should do well on my exam Monday night.

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  • Rose Bowl Rap
    By Room 141/142 at Willow Bend School

    At Pasadena in January
    A brand new year is here
    The stadium’s red with Bucky fans
    The Horned Frogs have lots to fear

    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    The Badgers have come to play
    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    A victory’s on the way!

    Bill and John and Lance Kendricks
    JJ Watt and Montee Ball
    John Clay and Gabe Carimi
    Our Scott Tolzien will lead them all!

    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    The Badgers are going to win
    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    Those Froggy heads will spin!

    Ten touchdowns please, or maybe more
    The Badgers will play with style
    We’ll watch the score go up and up
    Scott will pass the ball a mile!

    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    The Badgers will do their thing
    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    It makes us want to sing!

    (Sing On Wisconsin)

    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    The Badgers will put on a show
    We’re going to the Rose Bowl
    GO, SCOTT, GO!

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