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First of all, how about those Packers!!  I have been a Packers fan ever since I was your age, so I love to give the Bears fans grief.

In the Rose Bowl with Messy Moffitt and Isaac ANderson

I heard all about the snow storm.  It even made the news out here in California.  I didn’t know that you had thunderstroms going on at the same time though.  That is really weird; I didn’t know that was possible.  Well, I ‘m jealous that you got a snow day out of it.  I don’t think I ever got a snow day in all of my years at Willow Bend.  If I had a snow day, I probably would have built a snow fort and had a snowball fight with my brothers.

With Montee Ball (#28) and James White (#20)

Sounds like you all did awesome in your winter concert…congrats!  I need to know who was playing instruments and if they can give me lessons.  I always wanted to play an instrument, but I did not have the patience to learn.  That is a lot of Quality Coupons to go out.  Do I get any Quality Coupons when I come visit?

I talked to Beardman on the phone tonight and he swears that the apartment is really clean.  I don’t know if I can believe him.  That’s like saying pigs can fly…

We had our first rain today and everyone here is pouting.  It is the first time it has rained in four weeks.  What would the people here in California do if they had the snowstorm like you all had a few weeks back?  I think they need to close their mouths and stop complaining.  Nobody likes complainers, right?

I thought to change things up I would tell you what my favorite (and least favorite) things were when I was a first and second grader.  Here goes…

Favorite Color:  orange

Least favorite color:  pink

The Sandlot

Favorite Food:  chicken nuggets

Least favorite food:  watermelon

Favorite Candy:  licorice  

Favorite Movie:  The Sandlot

Favorite Cartoon:  Scooby Doo

Favorite subject in school:  Gym

Least favorite subject in school:  Spelling sentences

Favorite Teams:  Bulls, Packers, Cubs, and Blackhawks

Are any of these the same for you guys?

Last Saturday I made my way to Table Rock beach and it was absolutely awesome.  You need to check out the link in order to understand how pretty it was.  I am used to winter being freezing cold and instead it was 70 and sunny.  In addition, I got to see one of the most amazing things ever…a whale jumping out of the water.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The coolest part was that it was only about two football field lengths offshore, so it happened right in font of me.

Well, I hope you are all remaining focused on your school work.  It is hard for me too, especially when it is so nice outside, but that still needs to be priority number one.  “Work Before Play” is my motto. 

Have a good weekend you guys, and oh yeah, stay warm!

On WIsconsin,


P.S. Did anyone watch the Badger basketball team beat the number one ranked team in the country, The Ohio State Buckeyes, last Saturday? It was an awesome game and the second time this year that the Badgers have knocked off the number one ranked team in the country (our football team beat #1 Ohio State this past fall)

Students rush the court after #14 Wisconsin upsets #1 Ohio State (Feb. 12, 2011)


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  • Hi Scott!
    We were so excited to hear from you! We weren’t sure if you would get a chance to write before your trip to Indiana! We know that this is a very important week for you. (We can’t wait to hear all about it! Are you meeting any famous football players?) We are all are keeping our fingers crossed that your week goes well. One thing we know for sure is that you will give it all you’ve got!! Go, Scott, Go!

    The link you sent of the beach you were visiting was really amazing! Did you go to the beach with your friends or were you enjoying time by yourself? Were you able to get any pictures of the whale? Do you know what kind of a whale it was? Did the whale slap the water with it’s tail? You sure are a lucky guy to have been relaxing at the beach for all of this time! Just kidding, we know you have been working very hard!

    There were a couple of kids in our class who played instruments. Our favorite instrument to play is the boomwacker. Maybe we will give you a lesson when you come!

    The biggest news was the snow – we had TWO snow days! The bad news was that Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller gave us homework for our snow days, the good news was that our homework was to build a snowman! We all had great fun doing our homework on those two days off! Did you see the big snowball fight in Madison? We did! Here is the link in case you missed it:

    Many of us in class have seen the movie The Sandlot. The boys all enjoyed it, but the girls didn’t like it as much. We liked hearing about what you liked and didn’t like when you were a Willow Bend student. We agree with you that GYM is the BEST! It is so much fun! We agree with most of your favorite sports teams, except the Packers – ugh!!! (Congratulations on winning the Super Bowl.) Some of us are wondering how you could still be a Cubs fan? We think it is really hard to be Cubs fans because the always lose. Mrs. Grisaffe loves licorice too – which is your favorite? Red or black? We know a lot has changed for you since you were at Willow Bend. What are all of your favorites now? We saw Messy Moffitt and some of your other team mates talking about you on YouTube and he said your favorite show is Home Improvement.

    We have decided that we cannot give you any quality coupons right now. You have to earn them and you haven’t told us about your grades. We know you were working hard in your accounting class, but you never told us how you did. When you let us know how you did and how you are doing with your online class, we will be able to determine how many quality coupons you have earned.

    We are pretty busy here. We are writing essays about being the president, learning about underhand throwing in gym, different instruments in music, and painting in art. We are also learning about the history of our country. We also started a new book, The Kid in the Red Jacket, that is really funny! It is about a boy who has to move and he is NOT a happy about leaving his friends and being the new boy in school.

    We have an important question to ask. Why are you always number 16? Is it your favorite number? Did you get to pick your number?

    We think of you all the time and are so proud of all the hard work you do. We think we are so lucky to know you! We will keep (trying) to remember to work before we play.

    Go, Scott, Go!

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