#14 Playing Catch-Up

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Hey Class,
The title of this update is “Playing Catch-Up”….and for good reason. Right now, this is what I am doing with my time outside of football. I am playing catch-up in my online class, and playing catch-up with you guys. My focus right now is on football because I only have a small window of time to best prepare myself for what I want to do next. It has been a dream of mine ever since I was sitting in the same seats as you all to be a professional athlete. Through a lot of hard work, committment, and perseverence, this is getting close to becoming a reality. That is if I can keep doing the same three things for the next year of my life. So for now, that is what I am spending the majority of my time doing.

East-West All-Star Game (Orlando, FL Jan. 23, 2011)

The past three days I have been doing tons of schoolwork to get caught up in my class. Since it is an online class, there are no due dates. I just have to make sure that ALL of my assignments are due by May 1st.  I think that it is important to tell you that playing “catch-up” is not a whole lot of fun…..so don’t do it!  It can easily be avoided if you stay on task and stay focused.  Playing catch-up only gives you unnecessary headaches and stress that you don’t need.

I sent you guys some updated videos that you should definitely check out on the “Videos” tab.  There is a video that I took standing in the middle of Rose Bowl stadium, one from our team plane headed to California, and another from the Badger Pep Rally on the beach of California.

Now….to answer all of your questions.  Most importantly, I want those Quality Coupons!  I got three A’s and one B last semester.  Now can I have some?  My favorite licorice are the red Twizzlers – does anybody else like those?   I agree, it is definitely frustrating being a Cubs fan.  But I still think that it will be that much sweeter when they win the World Championship THIS year.  About the whale that I saw in California….I was not able to get a picture because I forgot to bring my camera with me.  It did not slap its tail, but it did do a few belly flops and created so humoungous splashes. 

Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the NFL Combine (Indianapolis, Indiana Feb. 2011)

The NFL Combine (or NFL tryout) went really went.  I surprisingly ran really fast for myself (which isn’t very fast at all), threw the ball accurately, and did well in interviews with the teams.  The most important thing for you all to hear was that they were very impressed with my grades.  The same thing will happen to you guys.  You can really impress those that are trying to hire you for a job if you have good grades.  Thanks for sending me the snowball fight video.  Wow, does that look like fun!  That is the biggest snowball fight that I have ever seen.

I am back in Madison now.  I have my last NFL workout on Wednesday with the rest of my teammates here (including Beardman and Messy Moffitt).  Messy Moffitt got back last night and when I woke up this morning all of the lights were still on in the apartment.  Doesn’t he know that is irresponsible, wastes energy, and woke me up because it was too bright? It is good to back back with those two monsters, though.  They can always make me laugh (even if they are laughing at me).  Messy Moffitt loves watching movies…do you have any suggestions for him?

Okay, I have got to go.  The Wisconsin Badgers basketball team is about to start their game against the number one team in the country, the Ohio State University Buckeyes.

Let’s Go Bucky!

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