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Well, first I think we should honor this post because it is #16, the best number in the world!  Why aren’t any numbers as cool as 16?

Christmas Card 2010

That is pretty neat that you all got to meet my mom.  Was she very talkative?  Sometimes my dad tells her that she talks too much. My mom is right about Messy Moffitt and Beardman eating all the food.  Sometimes I hide food in the bottom container of the refridgerator so that there is some left for me.  I also found out that they don’t eat apples, so I always make sure that I have a few of those in the fridge so that I don’t starve.

I actually have not seen Dairy of a Wimpy Kid – Roderick Rules.  Did a lot of the boys go take their girlfriends to see it??

I think it is really cool that you are learning about animals and their habitats.  My favorite three animals when I was younger were dogs, wolves, and hawks.  I remember reading books  to learn all about them.  Like we talked about, make sure you pay attention when you learn how to use PowerPoint because it is a very important tool in high school and college.  If you master it now, you will be an expert down the road and all your classmates will be jealous of you.

I have never played Chex Mix before, but does it involve the snack?  My favorite game at Willow Bend was always dodgeball.

I will be sure to tell my mom and dad to take some pictures of graduation.

Things are good here in Madison.  The weather has been surprisingly very warm so I have been trying to play a lot of golf when I can.  I saw Bucky last Friday and gave him a high-five.  He did not have much to say and is a lot taller than I expected.  I told him that you guys said hi.

Stay busy and keep working hard.  No Excuses!


P.S. I have a workout with the Chicago Bears on Saturday.  This does NOT mean that I am a Bears fan.

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