#17 Work Before Play

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It was mentioned in your last email to me that a lot of you guys are extremely busy with schoolwork and spring sports starting up.  You said that the sports and nice weather are making it hard to stay inside and concentrate on schoolwork.  I feel the same way every spring!  It is so hard to focus when you have been sitting inside all winter and all of a sudden you start seeing the sun again.  All you want to do is get outside and play.  If it weren’t for my parents, that is exactly what I would have done.  The problem was that my parents always made sure that my homework was completely finished (not half-finished) before I could go outside and play with my brothers and friends.  When I was your age, this did not make any sense to me.  But now I realize what my parents were training me for.  Now that I am in college and have football practice or workouts every day, it is a habit for me to get my homework finished before I go play.  If I only focused on practining football and playing, I would drown in school work over time and my grades would suffer because of it. 

The reason I am telling you guys this is because you need to start practicing good sudy habits now so that when you get to high school and college you are not overwhelmed with homework.  Sometimes in high school and college you may have two hours of homework in one night!  If you procrastinate, or delay doing your homework, you won’t get to bed until past midnight and chances are that you will be rushing through your work.  It won’t be quality work like your teachers expect.  Does anyone get what the moral of the story is?  The moral is to get your work done before you go play.  Work Before Play.

In other news, the workout with Da Bears went well last Saturday.  Both me and John Clay (our running back, #32) performed well and got some good feedback from the Bears coaches.  We even got to meet the Bears head coach, Lovie Smith.  He is a really nice guy and was asking us about life in Madison.  I bet you guys could have answered that question for me.

On Sunday I went to Jacksonville, Florida to visit with the NFL team there, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  It was 83 degrees and sunny!  I wasn’t used to this at all.  I felt like a polar bear in a desert.  I did not work out there, but I got to meet all of their coaches and tour their stadium and other facilities.  Everyone there was really friendly and it was cool to see something new.

I have to get back to my apartment now…Beardman and I have to make dinner.  Tonight Beardman is grilling us a few monster steaks to go along with sweet potatoes and salad.  Beardman does the cooking while I set the table and clean the dishes (I am not a very good cook).  I am trying to learn from Beardman so that when I move out of the apartment I don’t starve.  Right now I am only good at making cereal, eggs, peanut butter and jelly, and turkey sandwiches.  Beardman, on the other hand, could be a professional chef.  Thank goodness for him.

Alrighty, my stomach has started to growl so it’s time for me to get back to the apartment.  Do any of you cook?  If so, what do you make?

Good luck with your schoolwork.  Remember, Work Before Play.


P.S.  Number 7 on the schedule cards is Aaron Henry.  He plays defense and is all the way from Florida.  His job is to intercept passes from the other team’s quarterback.

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