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Hey Everyone,
I’m sorry for waiting so long to get in touch with you guys. I just started class on Thursday and forgot that you all started much earlier than me.

Let’s get down to business. How was everybody’s summer? Did any of you go anywhere outside of Illinois? Did anyone go swimming at the pool? Fill me in!!! Hopefully you all got a chance to have some fun.

My summer was great. I went to the Indianapolis 500 race car race, visited Minnesota, and went to a few concerts. I also took summer classes and had an internship. Does anyone know what that is? I will explain in my next email.

Did anyone see our game LATE LATE Saturday night? I’m guessing some of you were probably already asleep. We won 41-20 against a team that wasn’t very good. The coolest part was that we got to see Las Vegas. Here is a picture from our trip. The other guys in the picture are the other quarterbacks on our team. We all play the same position and are good friends. The worst part was that our plane didn’t land back in Madison after the game until 7 am Sunday morning.

The other picture is with the quarterbacks again and we are holding the Stanley Cup. This is the trophy that the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team won back in the spring. WHoo Hoo!! The guy in the black shirt is on the Blackhawks and went to the University of Wisconsin for college. His name is Adam Burish. It was really cool meeting him and getting to see the Stanley Cup trophy.

This week we play at 11 am Saturday against the San Jose State Spartans. The game is on ESPN. Quick geography question…does anyone know what state San Jose is located in?

It’s great to be back exchanging emails with you guys. We have got lots to cover and lots to talk about. It’s going to be a fun year.

Get started off on the right foot by working hard right from the git-go!

On Wisconsin,


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  • Hi Scott!
    We were so excited to get to school today and see that you had sent us an email! We were planning to write to you on Friday, before your big game, but….. we were so busy LAUGHING at the joke your room mates played on you that we ran out of time. Mrs. Mueller read us an article about you that talked about your room mates turning your room upside down, and we just couldn’t stop laughing!!!
    Well, we all sure did have fun summers! Many of us went to the pool, Great America, carnivals, camping and spent time with family. Some kids took vacations to Canada, India, South Dakota, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, and Niagara Falls. It was a really great summer!!!
    We didn’t really watch your game, it was on too late for us. Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller didn’t watch it either – they are too old to stay awake, so they had to tape it. Mrs. Mueller watched the game on Sunday with her son, Tyler. He was impressed with your arm. Mrs. Grisaffe watched the game on Sunday too. She had heard on the radio that you won, so she enjoyed the game more because she was not nervous. They are really proud of you!!
    We loved seeing your pictures. We hope that you will send us some more. We would like to see pictures of your room mates too. Mr. Mueller will be very jealous when he hears that you got to touch the Stanley Cup, he is a big Blackhawks fan!
    We will do our best to watch your game on Saturday. Mrs. Grisaffe’s daughter and son-in-law are going to the game. They can’t wait and appreciate you getting tickets for them! Mrs. Grisaffe will be babysitting her grand-dog, Steven, while they are visiting Madison. He is a big dog and keeps Mrs. Grisaffe very busy. Well… to answer your question about the team you are playing… we think Michigan? San Diego? Italy? Washington? Texas? Los Angeles? Mexico? New York? We are not really sure – Hawaii? New Mexico? Spain? San Fransisco? Nevada? Can you help us out here? We really don’t know!
    We’re not really sure about what an internship is either. We think you were helping other people, but we’re not sure what you helped them with. We will be anxiously waiting to hear more about what an internship is. Did you like it? Was it hard? Were you bored?
    Our year has been awesome! The first week of school we talked about our colorful world and that everyone has special gifts and talents to celebrate. The world would be boring if everyone were the same color. We also read two books about Bucky. Do you see him often? Be sure you give him a high five for us. last Wednesday we had a back to school pep rally and after school we had our back to school family picnic. We had music, dancing, games, hot dogs, face painting, and lots of other fun things! Tomorrow is a big day for us. The second graders will be taking their first MAP test. This is very important for us to demonstrate growth during the year. We hope we do well!
    Oh! We also got some mail from Wisconsin! We got a big poster of the football team. Guess what!?! YOU are on it! Right in the middle! You all look pretty mean, but we know that you really are a nice guy!
    We know you are busy, but can’t wait to hear from you again soon!
    Your WB Badger Fans!

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