#4 Monday Schedule and Persistence

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What’s new everyone? What are you guys up to these days?

The badgers had a huge victory on Saturday.  We won 70-3!  The team that we played was not very good.  Right now our coaches are making sure that we stay humble.  Does anyone know what this word means? What it means is that they do not want us to get too excited because the teams that we play coming up will be much tougher opponents.  They want us to understand that we need to keep getting better and improving and not be satisfied because our games are about to get much tougher.  They want us to keep striving to get better as a team.  It’s the same way with school.  Even if you get an A on your first math test, you need to keep getting better at math so that you can continue to get good scores on your upcoming math tests.  You should ALWAYS work hard and try to improve, no matter what the case may be.  This is called being PERSISTENT.  Let’s all try to be more persistent!

On another note, here is what I am doing today (Monday).  This is our OFF day for football.

7:30am————wake up/breakfast (bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios)
8-9:15am———-accounting class
9:30-10am ——–breakfast shake
10-11am———–visit Merrill Lynch office (say hi to the people I worked for this summer)
11-12:30pm——–write this e-mail to all of you 🙂 and get lunch (Subway today)
12:30-2pm———meet with accounting tutor to go over homework
2-5pm————-OPEN (probably take a nap)
5-7pm————-watch film on our next opponent (Michigan State Spartans) while eating dinner
7-8pm————-complete Community Newswriting class assignment
8-10pm————free time/snack
10pm————–bed time!

My guess is that this is much more different than your day today.  Notice how I am not in class all day like you guys are?  That is how college works.  You don’t spend as much time in class doing schoolwork, but you do spend much more time outside of class studying and doing homework on your own.

Big news in Madison.  Tomorrow President Obama is speaking on the UW campus. Check out this link to see what it’s all about (http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/education/on_campus/article_ae147502-c696-11df-820e-001cc4c002e0.html). 

I am still in the process of working on the new blog that I will soon be communicating to you guys with.  I guess you could say that the blog is “under construction” right now.  I am hoping to unveil it to you guys within the next 2 weeks.

Hope you guys are doing well and trying to enjoy the last few warm days that we have. 



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  • Hi Scott,
    We wanted to send some cheer your way. It’s okay – we know you tried really hard for a win. We believe that you will win next Saturday. Lots of us watched your game and we were disappointed too. But the most important thing is that you tried your best. You all worked so hard to stop the Spartans and you had many good blocks. Mrs. Thomas even said she was disappointed in the Spartan win… :)! All of Willow Bend cheers for you and your team!
    We are still wondering why you eat so much. You have lots of times in your day when you are eating! We only get one small snack in the morning and lunch! You sure are lucky to get to have Subway! We wish we could! We don’t really understand how come you are only in school for a little over one hour… we feel like we are here forever! That doesn’t seem very fair!
    Did you get to see Barak Obama when he was in Madison? That was so exciting!!! You know, he is a pretty important guy!
    We don’t understand about Merrill Lynch either. Do you have a job in Madison? We thought your job was college, like ours is school, and of course, football is a job too.
    We are glad to see that you spent time completing your homework assignment. After all, we all know there are NO EXCUSES for not getting your work done. Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Grisaffe have been a bit disappointed in us. We are having trouble listening and following directions. 🙁 Mrs. Mueller is having a substitute on Thursday morning and she is very nervous about it. We guess it is because we are not earning a very good reputation lately. It’s just really hard. Do you have any advice for us?
    We are still excited about the blog. Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Grisaffe met with Mrs. Norris, our technology person, to see what we can do to have chats with you. She said we are heavily filtered (whatever that means) but she will do whatever it takes to make this work for us. When you have a plan will you email her? norrisn@ccsd15.net That way she can do whatever she needs to do to help us out.
    Thanks for always making time to write us back. We know you are busy. Keep your chin up – we know you will be practicing hard this week! Go BADGERS!

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