#5 Reputation and Practice

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Hey Everyone,
I just realized while sending this that today is 10/10/10.  Pretty cool, at least I think so.

So all of you want to know why I eat so much, huh?  The truth is that I am just always hungry.  I have always been this way.  The funny thing is that nobody else in my family is this way.  When we used to have family dinners at my house when I was younger, I used to eat twice as much as my brothers.  It helps out now because I need to be as heavy as possible during football season to absorb the hits that I take.  I like to think of it like this…. the more weight I have, the more cushion I have.  My favorite foods are spaghetti, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Do any of you have the same favorites?

I did not get a chance to see Barack Obama on his visit.  It was EXTREMELY crowded and I didn’t think it was worth fighting through the crowds because I only had a 1 hour opening in my day.

It is disappointing to hear that you guys are having trouble listening and following directions.  There are a couple things I have to say to you about this.  First, you should always listen when your teachers are talking because they are trying to help you.  They wouldn’t be talking and wasting their breath if they didn’t think it was important.  They are just trying to HELP you and not waste your time.  Secondly, you should listen when other classmates are talking because they may have the same question as you.  If you listen, you can get your questions answered without even having to ask.  Thirdly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you should listen and follow directions because it affects your REPUTATION.  There is ONLY ONE thing that is given to you in life….your name!  Everything else that you do—making wise decisions, being nice, and listening—affects your reputation.  Do you want to have a good reputation or a bad reputation?  You choose!

On another note, thank you for your motivating words and encouragement after our lose against Michigan State.  Please tell Mrs. Thomas that she is a good sport and an admirable winner.  This week was a little better.  We beat our number one rival, the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers by a score of 41-23.  Our record now stands at 5 wins and 1 loss.

Bucky doing pushups after a Badger score. He did 41 pushups Saturday!

What is really exciting is that this week we play the number 1 team in the entire country, The Ohio State University Buckeyes.  Like I said, they are the best team in the country!  It will be an awesome challenge for us.  They game is on at 6 pm on ESPN national television.  In addition, the ESPN show College Gameday will be broadcasting live from Madison at 10 am on ESPN.  Check out this link for details http://www.uwbadgers.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/101010aab.html .  It is going to be an exciting upcoming Saturday in Madison!

In order to be successful, we need to have a great, great week of practice.  It is no different than schoolwork.  In order to know all of your spelling words for your test, what do you have to do?  Practice, practice, practice, right?!  How about we make an agreement?  I will give it everything I’ve got this week both in football practice and studying for my classes.  In return, you guys have to give it all that you’ve got to focus hard on your schoolwork and to work on your reputations.  Deal?  I am going to ask Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller a week from now how all of you did.  Please don’t let me down.

Have a great week!

On Wisconsin,


  • Hi Scott – We wanted to send a LOUD cheer to you this morning!!! Can you hear us? We cannot believe what an amazing game your team played! You guys were truly incredible! We had 14 classmates that were able to watch the game, plus Mrs. Grisaffe, Mrs. Doktor and Mrs. Mueller. Mrs. Mueller even let her son, Tyler, stay up past his bedtime to see the end of the game. One student, Will, didn’t see all of the game because he was playing in his football game, but his mom was really sad. She went to Ohio State, but Will was REALLY happy that Wisconsin beat Ohio!
    We watched the game highlights today since some of us didn’t get to watch the game. We even saw your interview after the game (you looked really sweaty). We saw you and your brother on the field after the game. It was sooo…. cool to see!
    We were so excited that we skipped vocabulary today so we could send you this email but we have to get back to learning now. Please congratulate all of your team mates for us – you should all be so proud!

    P.S. Everyone at the Bend is congratulating us today – even Mr. Davis and he is a Penn State fan!

  • Go, Scott, Go!
    We hope you beat your foe!

    The Buckeyes will lose the game,
    And YOU will be filled with lots of fame!

    Every time you score a touchdown,
    We will jump around the town!

    Lots of push ups Bucky will make,
    So you have to win for goodness sake!

    Tell your team to go, go, go! When know you all can do it! GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!

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