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Have any of you wondered how we get to our games when they are not in Madison, Wisconsin? 

Do you think we ride a yellow school bus like you guys do on your way to school?  The answer is no.  We have too many big guys that wouldn’t fit in those seats.  In addition, we have too much gear to bring with us that it would not all fit in a school bus.

Instead, we travel by airplane.  We ride in a chartered plane, which means that there are no regular travelers on our plane.  Instead, it is only people that work with our football program.  The plane consists of players, coaches, cheerleaders, medical staff, equipment staff, media staff, and team operations staff.  It is like one big city of badgers all on one plane.

Since we always play on Saturdays, we head to the Madison airport on Friday afternoons after practice.  We usually arrive at the hotel of the city that we play in by 6 o’clock at night.  We eat dinner as a team, then have a team meeting, and then we are free until our curfew.  Curfew means that you have to be in bed by that time.  Our coaches want to make sure that all the players get enough rest so that we are full of energy on game day.

Everyone on the team passes the time differently on Friday nights in the hotel.  Each player has a roommate, so some watch TV, some watch movies, some do homework, and some visit eith their families if they are in town.  I usually watch film on our opponent for an hour to make sure that I am ready to go for the game, and then I will watch TV with my roommate Lance.

Lance Kendricks

 Lance is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He is the same age as me and is a business major like me.  Lance’s special talent is that he is a really good artist.  When he was in high school, he got to visit the capital in Washington D.C. for winning an art competition.  Lance also ran track his first year of college.  He is really fast and a really nice guy.

I think you guys will get a kick out of our Travel Schedule.  As you see, it is really specific, detailed, and precise.  The coaches expect all of us to have it with us and follow it.  They get really mad if you are even 1 minute late to anything.  This is because if one person is late, then the entire team (100 people) has to wait on you.  They also want to teach us responsibility and timeliness.  They believe that responsible teams that follow directions are the most succesful teams on the field.
When the game ends, we bus straight to the airport and head back to Madison.  We get back in Madison on Saturday night and then have practice again on Sunday.  Monday is our off day from football.
The best part about away games is seeing different college campuses and the food.  It is a lot of fun getting to see what other colleges look like.  We also get to eat really good food on the airplane and at the hotel.  On the plane the flight attendants come by with trays full of candy and ice cream.  It is yummy!  It is also an awesome experience to get to go on these trips with all of your teammates/friends.
Be sure to submit any questions that you have.  Hope you found this interesting.
Go Badgers! 

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