#0 E-mails sent from Oct. 2007 through May 2010

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E-mails sent to the first and second grade students of Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller at Willow Bend Elementary School (Rolling Meadows, IL) by college sophomore/junior/senior Scott Tolzien of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2007-2010



What’s up class?  Hope everything is going well for you guys.  Hopefully Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Grisaffe haven’t had to raise their voices too much this year.  I thought this week I would give you all a glimpse of my daily schedule as a college student-athlete.  Here is my Tuesday schedule, which is the busiest day of my week.  See if it is any different than your Tuesday.

6:20   –   Wake-up
7:00-8:00   –   Weight training
8:50-10:30   –   Kinesiology (movement/exercise science) class
11:00-1:00   –   Chemistry laboratory
1:00-2:00   –   Lunch
2:15-4:00   –   Quarterbacks meeting (opponent scouting report, opponent game film, play installation)
4:15-7:15   –   Football practice
7:30-8:00   –   Dinner at stadium
8:00-9:30   –   Study
9:30-11:30   –   Free time
11:30   –   Snack
12:00   –   Bed

The difference from elementary school to college is that while you are not in class for 6 hours a day like elementary school, the amount of work (studying) that you do outside of class is sooooo much more in college.  It is known that successful college students actually spend more hours outside of class (on their own time) studying than than the total time they spend in class.
This shows how important time management is in college.  If you get distracted watching TV or playing video games for too long and too many times, you will end up falling behind with your school work and the material will pile up to a point where you can never catch up.

On another note, it was a disappointing week to be a Badger football player or fan.  As the number five ranked team in the country, our team lost to the University of Illinois last Saturday.  On top of this, one of our best players, wide receiver Luke Swan(#1), got injured and will not be able to play the rest of the season.  This week we play Penn State University in Pennsylvania on Saturday at 2:30 on ESPN.  It is supposed to be cold and rainy which could make it hard to throw the football.  Look for us to run the ball through P.J. Hill (#39), our running back and best player.

Just remember, practicing good time management skills now will build a solid foundation for good time management skills in the future.  Believe me, practicing these skills now will help you out soooo much in college!  Have a good Friday and goooo Badgers!


Hello again everybody!  Thank you so much for the letter and the “On Wisconsin” singing.  I was shocked with how well everyone knew the words!  I think you guys are better at singing the song than a lot of guys on the team (and I am not lying).  In fact, I think I need to take lessons from you guys.  You would all love the football games here because they play that song after every time the badgers score.  I also loved the “sea of red” that you created by wearing all red and decorating the room in all red.  You guys are awesome fans!

Things are going well up here in Madison, Wisconsin.  The only problem is that it’s starting to get cold.  In a few weeks it will be REALLY cold.  Since the University of Wisconsin campus is located between two really big lakes, when the wind blows it is always coming off the freezing cold water which makes it even colder. This would not be much of a problem if I was still in elementary school like you all where you spend most of the day inside where it is nice and warm.  It’s a different story in college when all off your classes are not in the same building.  When my math class ends, I have to go to another building that is about 8 football fields away to get to my chemistry class.  This means that I have to go from a steamy classroom into a freezer outside and then back into another steamy classroom.  Some people walk and other people ride their bikes.  Either way, the key to staying warm everyday is to dress in many layers and cover your head and hands.  The worst part is when it starts to snow and you have to trudge through the slush in the roads.  The best part is that when you see one of your friends going by you you can try to hit them with a snowball.

Since I last wrote you guys, our football team has won two straight games.  We beat Northern Illinois University and we beat a very good Indiana Hoosier football team.  The key in both of these victories has been our defense.  They have been like a brick wall where nobody can get past them.  We now have 7 wins and only 2 losses and are the number 19 team in the country.  This week is the biggest game of our season up to this point.  We play the Ohio State University Buckeyes this weekend.  They are the number 1 ranked team in the country!!!  We play at their stadium which is one of the biggest in the country and holds over 100 thousand fans!  It is going to be very hard for the badgers to focus when all those buckeye fans are screaming as loud as they can.  Here is what their stadium looks like: http://www.muralsforkids.com/images/OhioStadiumADVOSU1ML.jpg .  If we beat them it will be awesome because nobody is expecting us to win.

In other sports, the men’s cross-country team won the Big Ten Conference title this past weekend, and both the women’s volleyball and hockey teams are both ranked in the top five in the country.  It is a great time to be a Badger fan!

Hopefully you all have a very fun Halloween.  I remember when I was your age I would trick-or-treat until I had filled an entire pillow case full of candy.  I swear it lasted me until Easter when I got even more candy.  My favorite candy was always Blow-Pops because with the gum inside they lasted the longest.  My dentist was not happy with me back then.  My favorite costume when I was your age was a Cheese-head since I was a huge Green Bay Packers fan.  I always wore my Brett Favre jersey and had a big fake slice of cheese on my head.

Well, don’t tell Mrs. Mueller or Mrs. Grisaffe, but I tried to make this long so you would would have less time for work in class today;)  Thanks again for the letter and CD and root hard for the Badgers this weekend.  On Wisconsin!

P.S.  Attached are a picture of me in my football gear and one with my friend (I am in black).  If you can, please send a few pictures from your Halloween party. 


What’s up class!?  I don’t know about you all, but I’m am getting really worn out from school right now.  My assignments, homework, and tests are piling up and I feel like there is no end in sight.  I almost feel like how you all feel on the last lap of the mile run when you feel like giving up.  Luckily, the finish line is in sight with Thanksgiving break coming up in another week.  I can’t wait!  I’m sure you guys feel the same way too.  There are two ways to deal with finishing the final week of school.  One, you can get lazy and start slacking off.  I suggest not doing this because that is what quitters do.  Or you can suck it up for another week and work hard because you will have a whole week off at home to be lazy.  Good luck to all of you in staying focused for just ONE more week!

As for our Badger football update, there’s good news and bad news.  We’ll start with the bad news.  Two weeks ago we lost to Ohio State University, the best team in the nation.  We were winning by a touchdown (17-10) towards the end of the game, but then we blew our lead and lost.  The good news is that on Saturday we beat the University of Michigan Wolverines, the number 12 ranked team in the country, by the score of 37-21.  It was a very exciting game and “the sea of red” fans in Camp Randall Stadium were going wild.  We now have 8 wins and only 3 losses.  The awesome thing is we played very well considering our team was losing a few star players due to injuries that prevented them from playing.  One of the players that did not play was our star running back P.J. Hill.  Our final game of the regular season is this upcoming Saturday versus the University of Minnesota Gophers.  They are not very good, but if we take them too lightly and come into the game cocky we will get beat.  Luckily the Gophers play in a dome stadium otherwise it would be freezing cold.  It’s been a season full of ups and downs, a lot of tough work, a lot of yelling and screaming coaches, but also a whole lot of fun.  But the main thing is that I feel like all the hard work has paid off.  Just remember, most of the time it does!!

Finish strong!  Go Badgers, beat the Gophers!


Dear Class,
It was a pleasure to come in and speak to you all last week.  Thank you for alllowing me to come in and talk to you guys.  I know you all would have rather been doing schoolwork at the time (wink, wink), so thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules for me.  You all had great questions and were great listeners.  It was awesome how everyone was decked out in red when I came in and I loved the Bucky hat and the nice pictures I received form some of you. 

Right now I am playing around with my class schedules.  It is really a pain.  In college you get to choose your classes as long as they count toward your major (the special area that you study like becoming a businessman or a teacher, for example).  I will be taking an anatomy class where you learn about the human body, a Japanese history class, an education psychology class where you learn about how people learn, and two dance classes.  I feel like a fish out of water in these classes… it is tough.  None of the girls have cooties so don’t worry boys, I will be okay.  Today in my ballroom dance class we learned the waltz, which is a slow dance like in the movie Beauty and the Beast. 

Lastly, the Badgers men’s basketball team is the number 11 team in the country.  Whoo-hoo!  They play the number 9 ranked Indiana Hoosiers this Thursday on ESPN.  Watch Bucky and the Badgers if you get a chance on Thursday!

Okay, I have got to go to my anatomy class right now so that is all for now.  Keep busy and keep warm!


Hey Class!  Sorry I haven’t talked to you guys in awhile.  Things are pretty busy up here right now.  This upcoming week I have three midterm exams (they are really important for my final grade) so I have been studying a lot lately.  One of my exams is in anatomy, which is the study of the human body and all of the muscles, bones, and systems of the body like the nervous and digestive systems.  The other one is in education psychology, which studies how children learn and develop.  And finally, I have a health presentation tomorrow on depression.  Let’s just say I will be thrilled when this week is over!

In other news, this winter has just been wild!  Earlier this week the city of Madison broke the all-time record for snowfall in one winter.  The previous record was 76 inches total.  This year we have had over 80 inches of snow!  It has snowed more than half the days here since the beginning of December.  It has made it tough getting to class on time.  I have even slipped and fallen a few times and made a fool of myself (okay, go ahead and laugh). 

The one good thing about all this snow is that I was able to go snowmobiling with my friend this past weekend.  He lives in Door County, Wisconsin.  If you look at a map of Wisconsin, he lives half way up the “thumb” of the state on Lake Michigan.  It was just awesome!  We were weaving through trees and even went out onto frozen Lake Michigan.

One of the best parts of college is that you get a chance to meet people that come from different areas of the state of Illinois or different areas of the country.  This last weekend up in Door County I got to see where my friend Jake lives and got a chance to meet his family.  It is neat to see where other people live and what they do to pass the time.  It was a really fun experience.

I attached a few pictures for you guys to enjoy.  The first is a view of downtown Tampa Bay, Florida, where our team stayed for a week at the Outback Bowl.  The second picture is the Outback Bowl sand sculpture from Clearwater Beach.  It shows both a Wisconsin Badger and the Tennessee Volunteers mascot.  The next picture is me at the Outback bowl stadium.  It is where the game was played and also the home field for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team.  The last picture is my friend Jake and me snowmobiling last weekend.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Hope all is going well back at Willow Bend.  Have fun, work hard, and good things will happen for you.  Talk to you all again soon and Goooooo Badgers!


Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Thanks so much for the pictures!  Congratulations to all of you for doing so well on your MAP tests! 

You asked how often I use Power Point in college.  The answer is whenever I have to do any sort of presentation.  It is the easiest and fastest way to present in front of a class in a creative visual way.  In fact, Power Point is how teachers present their information every day of class.  If I can’t make it to class one day, all I have to do is go to my class file online and down-load and print the day’s notes.  All in all, Power Point is an EXTREMELY important tool to learn.  It’s amazing how I know so much more about Power Point than all my friends because I got a head start using it back at Willow Bend at your age.  I also use Microsoft Word all-the time.  Most written assignments in college are required to be typed and Microsoft Word is the best tool for this.  Practice good typing skills now and it will help you in the future.

I am glad you guys seem to like Hatchet.  I have three other favorites from when I was your age.  By far the funniest book I read was Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  I still laugh at parts from that book.  This book is most likely too advanced, but my all-time favorite childhood book is the B.F.G. (Big Friendly Giant) by Roald Dahl.  It’s long, but a great book.

Here are a couple other of my favorites when I was a Second grader:
favorite movie:  The Sandlot
favorite TV show:  Scooby Doo
favorite subject:  geography (after gym class)
least favorite part of class:  spelling sentences
favorite hot lunch item:  tacos
favorite college:  Illinois Fighting Illini
hobby:  Drawing or building with Legos

I can’t wait for Spring Break either.  It starts for me next Monday, whew!  I have 2 exams this week and football practice Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6 o’clock in the morning.  One more week to get through. 

Big News- The Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team and indoor track team won Big Ten Conference titles this week.  The basketball team has a record of 26 wins and only 4 losses and is the number 8 team in the country!

Suck it up for a few more weeks until your Spring Break.  Work hard, have fun, and Go Badgers Go.


Hello class!  It’s been awhile!  Hopefully all of you had a great spring break.  I just came home, slept a whole lot, and watched the big college basketball tournament.  I was very disappointed to see the Badgers lose last week to end their season.  They had a great season though after winning the Big Ten conference!

Right now I am very busy.  I have football practice 3 days a week at 5:30 in the morning.  That means I wake up at 4:30 am!  Three other days a week I have weight lifting and football meetings for 3 hours.  The only day off is Sunday.  It is a rough schedule, but all my friends are on the team so I get to spend a lot of time with them so it isn’t that bad.

School right now is going well.  My toughest class is anatomy.  In this class, we learn all about the human body.  The last unit we learned about is the nervous system (brain and spinal cord and how they work together).  It is really interesting.  Attached are my class notes from Monday.  Do you recognize which program was used for these notes?

How is everyone doing back at Willow Bend?  I’m sure there is a lot more sunshine and a lot more outdoor recess now that spring is finally here.  What are you guys learning about right now? What book are you reading for the read-aloud?

I am looking forward to seeing you guys again in May.  Until next time, keep working hard and keep having fun.  Go Badgers, Go Chicago Cubs!


Hi Everyone!!  Hope you all had a great summer!  Now it’s time to get back to work.  I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you guys yet.  I have been very busy the last few days because I changed my major (what I am studying).  I switched from physical education to business.  So the last few days I have been changing all of the classes that I will be taking.  It has been pretty crazy.

Last week against the University of Akron from Ohio, we won easily.  The highlight of the game for me was that I got in the game.  It was only at the end of the game, but cool anyhow.  This week we play Marshall University from West Virginia.  The game is at 11:00 am on The Big Ten Network.  Some of you may have this on cable.  Hopefully we can win another one this weekend. 


Hi Class!  Hope the school year is going well so far.  What unit are you guys studying right now?

Things are going well up here in Madison- especially the weather.  I have been wearing shorts and a T-shirt to class everyday, but it won’t be long until I’m wearing my winter jacket to class.  In college you have to be much more aware of the weather outside because you walk to all of your classes.  Every class is in a different building so you are always outside walking from class to class.

This semester (from September through December) I am taking 13 credits worth of class.  I am taking economics, international business, management and human resources, and finite mathematics.  These are all classes that I need for a “business major.”  In college, everyone chooses a “major”, which is a specialized area of study.  For me, it is business.  In the attachment, you can see my daily class schedule.  Check it out and see if it is anything like your weekly schedule.

How about the Badger football team?!  We are 3-0 (3 wins, 0 losses) and are ranked as the 9th best team in the country!  Last week we played in Fresno, California and won 13-10.  The game-time temperature was 94 degrees!  I felt like my feet were on fire!  We did not have a game this weekend, but next weekend we play the University of Michigan Wolverines.  The game is on Saturday (9/27) at 2:30 pm on either ABC or ESPN.  Since we did not have a game this weekend, I had lots of time to catch up with my homework and lots of time to just relax.

In college, one of the keys to being a successful student is to manage your time.  Since your parents aren’t at home telling you to do your homework, it is completely up to you to do it yourself.  If you get lazy and forget to do assignments, you will get waaaaayyyy behind and never be able to catch up.  So what you have to do is PRIORITIZE.  This means getting the important things done first (like homework) before you you go off to hang out with friends or watch TV.

Hopefully things are going smoothly so far to start off the year.  Make sure you start off on the right foot because the good habits you develop now will make everything easier in the future.

If you get a chance on Saturday, watch the Badger game on TV.  My jersey number is 16.  Talk to you all again soon!


P.S. Joey, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Madison this summer.  You will have to tell me all about it the next time I come in.  Also, I attached two pictures from my salmon fishing trip this summer on Lake Michigan.  The two guys on the far right are the two guys that I live with.


Well, everyone, I just learned another lesson – save your work!!!  I was just about done with this email 5 minutes ago and I accidentally deleted the entire email.  Don’t make the same mistake…it is very frustrating!

Volcanoes…sounds like a lot of fun.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is a little lava lamp that I used to have in my room growing up.  I remember being really fascinated by lava.

The dreaded MAP tests (dunt, dunt, dunn).  I used to really dislike those tests back when I was your age.  Looking back now, though, I realize how important they were.  The MAP test teaches you all the essential tools you need in school, but more importantly, in life.  You can’t carry a calculator or dictionary with you everywhere you go in life.  You need to be able to do basic math and spell correctly on-the-fly.  And if you can master these skills now, it will make high school and college so much easier.

I changed my major from physical education (gym teacher) to business for a couple of reasons.  First, some of the classes I needed to take conflicted with football practice times.  Secondly, I just realized that I really wasn’t sure anymore that I wanted to be a gym teacher for the rest of my life.  With a business degree, I have many more job options to choose from.  In college, it is not uncommon for people to switch their major (or area of study).  For example, they may think they want to become a teacher and then realize that maybe that is just not what they want to do for a job and switch to being a doctor.  This is kind of what happened to me.

Who watched the ENTIRE Badger football game on Saturday?  “Entire” is the key word here because it almost seemed like 2 completely different games.  We were winning 19-0 at halftime, but then “stunk it up” in the second half and lost 27-25 to the University of Michigan Wolverines.  It was a very disappointing game.  The coolest part was that we played in front of 109,000 fans in the biggest stadium in the world (see picture attachment). Also, Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer who won 8 gold medals, was at the game.  This week we play The Ohio State University Buckeyes at 8 pm on ABC/ESPN.  It is a huge game for both teams as we are both in the race for the Big Ten conference title.

How about those Cubbies!  The last time they won the World Series was in 1909.  It has been 99 years since they won it all!  I think it is time for the Cubs to take the title!  It has been very exciting following them this year.  I can’t wait to see how they do in the playoffs.  My favorite player is the catcher, Geovanny Soto, because I was a catcher too when I played baseball.

Well, that’s all I got right now.  Hopefully the next time we talk the Badgers and the Cubs will both be coming off big wins!  Talk to ya later!


Hey class!  Happy Columbus Day!  Does everyone have their Halloween costumes picked out yet?  When I was around your age I was a Green Bay Packers football player, and another year I was a ghost.Well, it certainly has not been a good few weeks for anyone that is a Cubs fan, White Sox fan, or a Wisconsin Badgers fan .  First off, the Cubs completely stunk it up!  I was so mad that I didn’t even watch the last game of the series.  It was just a shame that they played so well for 162 regular season games just to fall apart in 3 games during the playoffs.And the Badger football team has also played poorly for the last three games.  We lost to the Michigan Wolverines, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Penn State Nittany Lions all on national television with everyone in the country watching.  Our record for the season is now 3-3.  We have definitely disappointed everyone, including all of the badger fans.  But I promise you this, we will not quit on the rest of the season.  We still have half of the season to play.  This upcoming week we play the Iowa Hawkeyes.  It is a must-win game.Through all of this there is a very good lesson.  Not everything in life will always go just the way you want it to go.  This may be getting a bad grade, getting in an argument with a friend, your parents getting mad at you, getting injured, or losing a game.  When bad things like this happen, you have two choices.  You can either be a quitter and complain.  Or you can learn from your mistake and try harder the next time.  The lesson to all of you is that life is not perfect-  you will always be faced with challenges.  But the way that you act after facing these challenges is what makes you the person that you are.  Do you want to be known as a complainer and a quitter, or do you want to be known as a person that has a good attitude and never gives up??A true story is that my parents used to ask me the same question when I was your age trying to finish my spelling sentences.  There were times when I really wanted to quit, but I never wanted to be known as a “quitter.”

Just remember that and have a great week!



Hey Class,
How are you guys doing?  Is everyone excited for Halloween?  Is anyone going to dress up as Bucky?

As I am writing this right now, it is snowing outside!  I can’t believe it!  I guess the winter is almost here.  I was just curious to see what you all are learning about right now in school.  What book are you guys reading for the read-aloud?

Well, I finally have some good news for you about the Wisconsin football team.  Two weeks ago against the Iowa Hawkeyes, I got in the game.  I completed four out of seven passes and we scored a touchdown.  It was a lot of fun being out on the field.  The bad news is that we lost the game 38-16.  This past Saturday we beat the University of Illinois Fighting Illini 27-17.  Right now we have four wins and four losses.  This week we play the Michigan State Spartans.  They are a very good team so it will be a tough challenge for us.  Hopefully we will win so we can give Mrs. Thomas a hard time.

I have to go meet with a math helper right now because I am having trouble in my math class.  Until next time, keep working hard in class and have a happy and safe Halloween.  Go Badgers!!




Hey Class,It’s been awhile!  How is everyone doing?  Is everyone still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner?  I know I am.  My dad makes the best stuffing!The only bad part about Thanksgiving this year was that my brothers were not able to come home.  My older brother was doing pilot training in Texas, and my little brother was loaded with homework and projects.  He goes to Holy Cross College in Massachusetts.  It is a bummer that Thanksgiving Break is over, but on the bright side, at least we only have a few weeks before Winter Break.College is going well so far this year.  My favorite class is Management and Human Resources.  This is a business class that teaches organization skills and teamwork.  I like it because there are a lot of similarities between what we learn in this class and sports.  In both sports and in the business world, everyone on the team must be on the same page and get along together in order to be successful.The football regular season is now over.  We finished the season with 7 wins and 5 losses.  We finished strong by winning 3 out of our last 4 games.  I got to play in the Indiana game and scored a touchdown at the end of the game (check out the picture).  It was really exciting!  I am now the back-up quarterback, which means that if the starting quarterback gets injured, I go in the game.  Since we finished the season with 7 wins, we get to go to a bowl game.  A bowl game is one extra game that you can get invited to if your team has a good season.  We do not know which bowl game we will be invited to yet, but it looks like it will be somewhere warm.

Okay, I have to start wrapping it up now because it is time to go pay the bills.  Each month my room mates and I have to pay rent for our apartment, an electric bill for the lighting and heat, and a cable bill for internet access and cable TV.  College is pretty darn expensive!

Hopefully all is going well back at Willow Bend.  I hope to e-mail you guys one more time before Winter Break and then I would love to come visit you guys in January.  We have lots to talk about!

Enjoy the snow, stay warm, and keep working hard in class.  And one more thing…Goooo Badgers!



Hey Class,
Thank you so much for the pictures and poems!  I showed the book to my room mates and they loved it too.  They said that you guys are better artists and writers than they are, and they are 21 years old!  I have never seen so many Buckys in my life!

It sounds like you guys have been busy.  You will have to show me one of the potato turkeys when I come in to your class this winter.  How can you possibly make a turkey out of a potato???

You guys asked why our football team keeps losing.  That is a tough question to answer.  There have been a lot of things that just have not gone our way.  We lost two games by a total of 3 points, we have had to overcome a lot of injuries, and we have played some good opponents.  The main reason, though, is that we have played poorly as a team.  Sometimes this season we slacked off in practice and then it showed in the game.  The lesson that can be learned about this is to ALWAYS give your best effort, whether it is sports or school.  When you slack off, it becomes very difficult to reach the goals that you set.  

Thanks for the concern, and I hope to see all of you soon.

P.S. Who drew the cover picture?  It was a really good drawing. 


Thanks for the update everyone!  The two books, The Castle in the Attic and Gooney Bird Greene, both seem very exciting.  Unfortunately, I have not read either of them.  Congratulations on the MAP tests!  Sounds like your hard work paid off.

Right now it is final exam week.  Each class in college only lasts half of the school year and at the end of each class you have a final exam that covers all of the material that you learned.  Since I am in four different classes, I have four final exams.  You have to do a lot of studying to make sure that you fully understand everything that you were taught throughout the year.  It gets really tiring always studying.  I can’t wait for this week to be over!

On a more positive note, we found out that we will be playing in the Champs Sports Bowl game in Orlando, Florida on December 27 against the Florida State University Seminoles.  The game is on ESPN at 3:30.  Our team will all fly down to Orlando on December 22.  That means I will be spending Christmas in sunny Florida.  While we are there, our team gets to visit Disney World for a day.  It should be a fun trip, especially if we win the game.

Thanks again for the update and I will see you all in 2009.  Finish the week out and have a great winter break!


Hey class,
It was great coming in to see you guys.  I had a great time seeing some new faces and also some faces from last year.  I was shocked the moment I walked into the class by how quiet and focused everyone was.  It seems that you all are a hard working bunch.  I was also surprised to hear how many of you made the trip up to Madison to see the University of Wisconsin.

I just started up the new semester on Tuesday.  So the first week is almost in the books!  This semester I am taking Statistics (a math class), American history, economics, and a class about minorities in the U.S.  So far, the classes have all been interesting, especially the last three classes.  In my history class we just finished studying the recent Presidential election.  In my economics class, we are learning about why our economy is struggling right now.

This weekend, I have two big goals to accomplish.  First, my room mates and I need to take down our Christmas tree.  After that, we need to clean our apartment…big time.  Right now it is a mess.  I don’t have my mom to pick up after me anymore, so I have to do all of the cleaning up.  It stinks.

Thanks again for having me.  It was a lot of fun.  Stay focused and have a good second half of the year. 


Hey guys sorry it’s been so long since we last talked.  Things are going really well up here in Madison…especially the weather.  It has been surprisingly warm as of late so it makes it a lot easier walking to classes.  On top of that, it has snowed only one time since I got back to school a month ago.  Last winter it seemed like it snowed almost every day.

I don’t know if any of you guys were watching, but yesterday ESPN (the sports channel) spent the whole day broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin.  We had a really big basketball game last night against The Ohio State University Buckeyes.  We were able to pull it off in a real nail-biter.  It was crazy!

School has been pretty easy so far, but it is about to start getting much more intense because I have tests coming up.  My favorite class is Marketing 300.  In this class we learn how to sell, or market, products effectively.  The best example I can think of is any commercial.  We learn the “who, what, where, when, and how” of getting people to buy your product.  I used to think commercials were boring and pointless, but after learning more in my marketing class, I have a much better understanding and appreciation for the hard work that goes into each and every commercial and advertisement.

Football has also been fairly easy.  Right now we lift weights 4 days a week and run 2 days a week.  The worst part so far was this past Wednesday.  A week before a guy was late for the workout by 2 minutes so this Wednesday we had to start our running workout at 4:30 in the morning.  It was still dark outside when we finished!

I’ve got a few cool pictures to show you guys.  Three are from the bowl game in Orlando.  The first one is of me with the pilot of our team plane going down to Orlando on Christmas day (look at all the buttons…pretty confusing, huh?).  The next one is our team hotel.  The other one is of my friend Mickey and me on our fishing boat the day after the game. 

The other two pictures are of my older brother, Mike.  He is in flight training right now in Del Rio, Texas.  Pretty cool.

Well, I hope all is well back at Willow Bend.  You guys will have to give me an update on what you have been up to.


Hey Class,Spring Break is almost here!!  I know you guys would rather stay in school and work on spelling sentences because you are all so eager to learn (wink, wink), but I personally can’t wait to get a week off school.  I am driving down to Florida with three of my college buddies for four days.  As long as it is sunny, it should be a blast!Right now I am in the library working on statistics (math) homework.  Since there is so much homework and studying in college, it is important to find a comfortable place to do school work where you won’t get distracted.  For me, that place is the library.  I like to go to the quiet study area within the library and sit in a far away corner from everyone else.  If I try to study in my apartment, there are just too many distractions (TV, computer, my noisy room mates, etc.).  The lesson here is that in order to be a good student, you have to make certain sacrifices.  I could choose to stay at my apartment watching TV, socializing with my room mates, or playing video games, but that would not be productive.  Is it fun sitting alone in a corner of the library by myself?  No.  But is it more important in the long run?  Absolutely.  The same goes for you guys.  Put your school work before play time and I gaurantee you that you will be successful in the future.Other than that, there is nothing new going on up here in Madison.  My classes (business marketing, statistics, sociology, and economics) are all hard classes, but they are also very interesting, so studying for them is not too bad.Hope all of you are working hard and behaving so that that Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Grisaffe stay in a good mood. 



Dear Class,

It has been a long time since we last talked.  First I went on Spring Break and then the following week you guys were on Spring Break.  Hopefully all of you enjoyed your week of freedom, although I am sure some of you were really sad because there was no school (wink, wink).  I went to Florida for four days with three of my friends and had a great time.  It was a much-needed get-away!

Things have been busy for me up here in Madison.  Right now we are halfway through spring football practice.  It seems strange playing football at this time of year, but all college football teams do it to stay in shape and get better as a team.  I am just thankful that last week is behind me.  On Monday I had an economics exam, on Wednesday I had a marketing exam, and on Thursday I had a sociology exam and a statistics quiz.  Thank goodness it’s over!  This is why you always have to been thinking and planning ahead in college.  The teachers in college don’t remind you when the tests are, they just expect you to be organized.  If I had not looked ahead on my schedule, there is no way I would have been able to study for all of these tests in just one week.

Tomorrow I meet with an advisor to schedule classes for this summer (I will be taking summer school) and for next fall.  How many of you guys will pick your classes for next year?  It is a trick question so I hope none of you said yes.  The cool part about college is that I get to pick which classes that I want to take.  Now this, however, does not mean that I can just take all of the easy classes.  There are certain requirements that I must meet.  For example, let’s say that I have to take 2 science classes in order to graduate.  I can go on my computer and look at all the science classes that are offered, and if there are 10 classes available, it is up to me to pick the two that sound the most interesting to me.  Pretty neat, huh?

Well, I hope everything is going smoothly back at Willow Bend.  Keep up the good work…and let out a big cheer because Cubs season is finally here!!


Hey Class,
Happy Spring!  How is everything going?  A lot of stuff has happened since we last talked.

First off, I have final exams coming up next week.  This is good news and bad news.  The good news is that I will be done with school next Thursday.  Yay!  The bad news is that for the next week all I will be doing is studying.  I have exams on math statistics, economics, marketing, and sociology, that cover all the material that we have covered since January.  The key for me is to chip away each and every day.  This means doing a little bit every day so that I am not cramming all of the information in at the last minute.  When you cram at the last minute, your brain can’t remember so much in such a short period of time and you end up forgetting a lot of stuff.  The same is true in life.  If you let your room become a mess with clothes and and junk all over because you didn’t take the time to pick a few things up each day, then it becomes a complete pain to clean up eventually.

Spring football practice ended for me three weeks ago.  I sent you guys a few pictures from our spring scrimmage- check them out.  It is a relief to be done with football practice.  I have a lot more free time now.  In the next three weeks I have tickets to 2 music concerts and a Cubs game.  I can’t wait!

How ’bout those Chicago sports teams?  The Bulls basketball team played awesome in the playoffs.  The Blackhawks hockey team is still playing in the playoffs.  And although my Cubbies are struggling a little bit, they are still only a few games out of first place with a whole season in front of them.

I would love to come visit again before you guys finish the year.  Do any of you guys have any ideas of what I could bring in?  I was thinking about taking some pictures of my apartment to show, but does anyone have any other ideas?  Maybe I will bring in some pictures of when I was your age so you can see what I looked like back then.

Hope school is going well for all of you.  Only a couple weeks left (I know all of you are really sad, right?).

Well, I have got to go.  I have to write my mom a Mother’s Day card now.  Make sure that all of you do the same before Sunday.  I promise you it will make their day. 


Dear Class:It was really exciting getting my first email of the year from you guys!  Thank you very much for all of your encouraging words.  I can’t wait until Saturday for our first game of the year.  We play the Northern Illinois Huskies at 6 pm on the Big Ten Network.  It should be exciting.School does not start until Wednesday for me, so that means a few things.  First and foremost, it means that I have to go pick up all of my books before classes begin.  Unlike in elementary school, in college each student is responsible for picking up all of their books and paying for them.  College books can be very expensive.  With classes starting up on Wednesday, it also means that I need to take care of a few other odds and ends before Wednesday.  I need to clean my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen as well as doing some laundry.  If I can get these chores done now it will take a load off my back once school starts.The start of the school year also means that it is time to get focused in again.  We have all had all summer to goof around and have fun.  Now it is time to put on your thinking caps and time to work hard.  I wish all of you the best of luck this school year.  Stay focused, work hard, and have some fun, too.



Hey Class,

How is everyone doing?  I know I am happy right now because it is Labor Day and I don’t have any school today.  Yes!!  However, that means that I have lots of school work that I should be doing today.  I wonder what you guys are doing on your day off?  Thanks so much for wishing me a happy birthday.  If any of you are wondering, I am now 22 years old.  I can’t believe it…I still feel like a little kid inside. 

I just finalized my class schedule for this semester, so here are the classes that I am taking:
Consumer finance. It is a class about how businesses spend their money.
English 266.  This is a class about how to work in groups effectively.
Counseling psychology.  It is a class about interviewing skills.
             Consumer science 350.  It is about medical issues in families and society.

What are you guys doing in school right now?  I would love to hear what you are learning about.

Did anyone get a chance to see the Badgers play on Saturday night?  We beat the Northern Illinois Huskies by a score of 28-20.  The game was a lot closer than it should have been.  We made a few too many careless mistakes that made it an exciting finish.  This week we play the Fresno State University Bulldogs.  They are from California and won their first game by a score of 51-0.  They are a tough team, so it should make for another exciting game.

Thank you guys for all of your cheering and support.  Hopefully we can win another one this weekend.  Good luck with school this week.  Work hard this week so that you can enjoy the weekend.

P.S. Glad you guys got to see the video.  My room mate John is in fact messy.  His room looks like a tornando just flew through it.  His mother would not be proud.


Dear Class,

First off, how is everyone doing?  Is the school year off to a good start?

School for me is hard right now with all of the time I am spending with football.  I sent you guys a copy of my class schedule so that you guys can see what it is like to be a college student.  Here is what I do on a typical Tuesday (my toughest day of the week).


Wake up:  7 am
Weight lifting:  8 am
Class:  10-11 am
Film study of the upcoming opponent:  1-4 english
Football practice:  4-7 pm
Dinner:  7:30
Homework:  8-10 pm
Bed time:  11 pm

It sounds like a lot, but it really is not that bad.  The end of the week gets a little bit easier.  Just think, you guys are in school for about 6 hours.  You guys have long days as well!  On Tuesdays, for example, I am only in class for 1 hour.  Not bad, huh? 🙂  The difference in college, however, is that you spend so much time doing homework.  The teachers demand lots from you outside of class time.

The other thing I sent to you guys is the syllabus from my english class.  A syllabus is sort of like a class schedule that every teacher gives out on the first day of class.  It lists class rules, grading, how to contact your teacher for help, and most importantly, when your assignments are due.  Check it out! The biggest difference in college is that nobody is there to remind you when your assignments are due.  You have to be organized and responsible so that you do not forget to turn in your assignments.  This is why it is so important to practice good organizational and responsibility skills NOW.

Football is going well.  The Badgers are 3-0, but our biggest games are ahead of us.  This week we play the Michigan State University Spartans.  Yes, this is Mrs. Thomas’s class, so we need to be extra spirited this week!!  We play at 11 am on Saturday, so please check it out if you are not busy.  If you guys want to see highlights from the previous week’s games, go to bigtennetwork.com and search the wisconsin video section.

Other than that, hope all is well.  Keep working hard, and keep practicing good organizational and responsibility skills.  They do make a big difference!

P.S.  There was an article on you guys in the game program from the first week’s game.  It talked all about your Wisconsin school spirit….pretty neat!




Wow, you guys have been really busy!  That is pretty cool that you all got to make vegetable soup and applesauce.  My grandpa used to make really tasty vegetable soup.  Sounds like all of you are becoming good cooks.  I am jealous of you guys!  (To Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller:  How come I never got to make vegetable soup or applesauce when I was in your class?!).  I remember learning about the states of matter in my 7th grade science class.  You guys are already ahead of the game.
I definitely remember doing spelling sentences when I was your age.  My second grade class was actually in the exact same spot where you guys are right now!  Spelling sentences were really hard for me at first, but once I moved on to second grade they got easier.  Don’t worry first graders, they will get easier.  When I struggled making my sentences long enough, I would try to use compound sentences with words like “and.”  In college we use power point all the time.  Most teachers in college post all of the class notes through power point.  Look at my notes from my english class today. Before I go to class, I print the notes off my computer and then I can write notes next to to the slides that the teacher is talking about.  I also use power point when I have to present a speech or group project in class.Glad you guys got to hear a little bit about my brothers.  Maybe I will bring my little brother in with me when I visit you guys this winter.  Both of my brothers are very funny.  They are doing well because they are very hard workers.  If you work hard in school, you will set yourself up to be successful in life.  It is hard at times to stay focused, but if you do it will eventually pay off.I realize that we may have hurt Mrs. Thomas’s feelings Saturday, so if you pass her by make sure that you give her a “put-up” so that she feels better.Thanks for the update, guys. It is always interesting to see what you guys are up to.  Keep having fun and keep working hard.



Hey Guys,
How is everyone doing?  Are you staying warm with all of this cold weather?

Did anyone see our game on Saturday?  We lost to the Ohio State University Buckeyes.  I had some big mistakes and played a bad game overall.  Hopefully I got the bad game out of my system.  In football, just like in life, you are going to have some bad days.  How you fight back after those tough days is what matters most.  If you can learn from your mistakes, than it will help you grow as a student, as a player, and as a person.

Our record right now is 5 wins and 1 loss.  We play 12 games in a season, so we are at the halfway point right now.  This week we play the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.  They have a record of 6 wins and 0 losses.  It will be the biggest game of the season for us up to this point.  The game is at 11 am on Saturday.

I hope school is going well for all of you guys.  Keep working hard, and before you know it, it will be January and I will be visiting you guys!  Can’t wait!


Thanks so much for the video guys!  You all know the song “On Wisconsin” better than me!  I was pretty hyped up after watching the video….it made me want to go play a game right now!  I was also very impressed by the way you have the room decorated with all of the Badger stuff.  How many Bucky’s are there in the room now?!  I have to give Mr. M credit for digging up that picture of me when I was in 6th grade.  It sounds crazy, but that seems like yesterday.  Time flies!

We do not have a game this week.  It comes at a great time.  I have struggled in the last two games, so it will be a great time to re-group and re-focus.  We also have some injured players on our team so the week off will give them a chance to get better.

Right now I am at a computer at the library studying.  I have two exams on Friday…. ugh!  I just checked my e-mail and was so happy to see the video that you guys sent me.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I definitely needed something to get my mind off studying.

I can’t wait to play our next game.  We have the bad games behind us, and I can’t wait to show how our team has improved.  We play the Purdue University Boilermakers in 11 days.

Does anyone have any Halloween costume ideas for me?  And I would love to get pictures of your costumes.

Thanks again for the video.  You guys are awesome!  Have a great rest of the week.

P.S.  I have a trivia question for you guys…..what is Bucky’s FULL first name??


Hey Class,
How was everybody’s Halloween?  Did you all get lots of candy?

Things are going well up here in Madison.  Yesterday I picked out all of the classes that I will be taking in the spring after winter break.  In college, the school year is almost like two seperate years.  I take a whole new set of classes after winter break.  The other cool part about college is that you get to pick which classes that you want to take.  I may be required to take a science class, for example, but I can choose from 5 different science classes.  It makes school a lot more fun because you can learn about things that you are interested in.

Did anyone see our game on Saturday?  We played the Purdue Universtiy Boilermakers and beat them by a score of 37-0.  Our record now stands at 6 wins and 2 losses.  This week we play the Indiana University Hoosiers in Indiana.  Does anybody know what a Hoosier is?  Last year I scored a touchdown against them, so hopefully this year I can do it again.

If you follow this link ( http://sports.espn.go.com/travel/gallery/gallery?id=3673390 ), you can see some cool pictures from gameday at Camp Randall Stadium.  I am in one of the pictures— see if you can find me!

I hope school is going well for all of you.  Have you guys read any good books lately?  Only 2 months until I get to see you guys.  Keep working hard!


Holy smokes! Have you guys been busy or what?!  Sounds like a very fun October!  I think it is really cool that you all got to go to the Brookfield Zoo.  I remember when I went there…..I threw a piece of gum to the monkeys and he started playing with it.  He was really confused and kept chewing and stretching it, chewing and stretching it.  He was really fascinated with it.  It was very funny.My room mates’ names are John Moffitt and Bill Nagy.  John is number 74 and Bill is number 76.  They both play offensive line (they protect me, so I always make sure that I am nice to them).I am taking a bunch of business courses this spring.  In one of them I will make my resume, which is a track record of everything that I have been involved with in my life so far.  After I graduate college, I will send this to all kinds of businesses in hopes that they may hire me.  It is kind of crazy that I will be entering the work force as an adult very, very soon.  I still feel like a little kid inside.I just finished reading a book a week ago.  It is called, “I’ve Got Things to do with My Life.”  It is about a professional football player named Pat Tillman that gave up millions of dollars to enter the Army to fight for the U.S. after September 11.  It is a true story and was very inspiring.We beat the Indiana Hoosiers this week by a score of 31-28.  It was a close game all the way to the finish.  This week we play the University of Michigan Wolverines.  Last year they beat us so it is time for a little revenge!

It was great to hear from you guys.  Hopefully your November is just as good as your October was!



Hey guys, sorry for the late response.  Great to see that you all have been really busy.

The weather in Madison has been great.  Usually right now it is freezing cold and rainy, but as of late all I have to wear outside is a sweatshirt to stay warm.

I appreciate you guys mentioning my brother Michael on Veteran’s Day.  That is very thoughtful of you.

Over 40 Bucky Badgers….that’s crazy!  I don’t think I have seen that many Bucky’s here in Madison!

Nathan, you will have to show me your Wisconsin Badger power point when I come in this January.  I am looking forward to seeing what you have included in it.

I have no idea what is going wrong with the Bears…..I am a Packers fan!  My favorite players are Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Does anyone know who we play next?  If you guessed Hawaii you are right!  That’s right, next week our whole team flies to Hawaii.  We leave on Wednesday and do not come back to Madison until Sunday?  The airplane ride is 8 hours long.  So while you guys are freezing your fannies off, I will be enjoying the sunshine.  Anyone want to come with??

I won’t complain, but it actually will not be as fun as it sounds.  During the airplane rides I will be doing homework the whole time and studying for final exams.  Once I am there most of my days will be spent preparing for the Hawaii game by studying the in’s and out’s of their team.

Enjoy the cold while I am baking in the sun.

P.S.  Try to figure out the team name of the University of Hawaii.


Hi Class,
I will ask my coach if he is okay with bringing you guys instead of my team mates.  I hope all of you are in shape from gym class to play the game on Saturday.

The game will be on at 10:30 pm on ESPN Saturday night.  That will be way past your bed times!

Hope everyone is having fun in school and hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving!

> Hey Scott!  We wanted to send you a quick note before you head for
> warmer weather!  Since you asked… we all would like to come – there
> are only 50 us, if you don’t have enough room you can leave your
> teammates in Madison and we’ll play the game with you!
>  We have not done any research yet, but we are guessing that you will
> be playing the Hawaiian Pineapples.  We are thinking they have yellow
> and green uniforms with pineapples on them.  Maybe, they even have
> pineapples on top of their helmets.  After all, that is what Hawaii is
> known for.
>  Do you know what time the game is going to be televised and what
> channel?  Mr. Mueller said he thinks it is at 10:30pm.  We won’t be
> able to watch it if it is that late, but we maybe able to tape it.
>  We wish you lots of luck in sunny Hawaii! and even more luck on your
> final exams! 
>  Three more weeks until our winter break!  Hooray!!

>  We will be thinking about you and looking forward to your January
> visit.

>  On Wisconsin,
>  Your WB Cheerleaders




Hey Class,How is everyone doing?  Are you all chomping at the bit for Winter Break?Hawaii was awesome!  It was gorgeous there.  It was 75 and sunny each day that we were there.  I sent you guys some pictures online of our hotel.  The second picture is just like the one I had from my room on the 19th floor overlooking the ocean.  I will hopefully remember to bring in more picture from the trip when I visit in January.  Best of all, we won the game 51-10.  Did anyone stay up to watch it?Now it is time to get back to the grind.  When we landed on the airplane it was snowing…what a wake-up call!  I have an exam on Friday and next Tuesday.  A week after that final exams begin. It’s time to get back to studying!We found out which bowl game we are heading to.  We are going to the same one as last year…the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Florida.  We play on December 29 against the University of Miami Hurricanes.  We both have a 9-3 record.  They are ranked 15th in the country and we are ranked 22nd.  It should make for an exciting game.

Hope all is well at Willow Bend.  Go Badgers!



Hey Class,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the goodie box.  It may be hard to believe, but most of the treats have already been down my room mates’ and my own tummy.  I think there are only about 10 items left.  My room mates liked the Milk Duds the most.  I hope the treats will help me gain a little weight so that I can get a nice winter layer to battle the cold weather.  Thank you also for the signed letter of encouragement for my exams.  I only have one more test to go! The first four went well.  I can’t wait until Friday!

Next Wednesday our team flies down to Orlando, Florida for our bowl game.  We do not play until a week after we get there, so we will have a little free time to have some fun.  We get to go to Disney World one day and Sea World another! 

Thanks again for the treats!  My room mates say thank you as well.  I hope all of you have a fun and exciting winter break.  Be sure to watch our game on December 29 at night on ESPN.  The next time I talk to you guys will be in-person….can’t wait!!! 


Hi class,
It was great visiting and seeing some new faces as well as some familiar faces.  I was really impressed with how everyone was wearing their badger red as well as how the room was decorated.  You even saved the newspaper articles and posted them outside the classroom on the wall…wow!  I really enjoyed the humongous cookie and I went to Ian’s pizza twice already with the gift card that you gave me.  Thanks again.

I got back to Madison on Sunday.  The apartment was freezing cold because we turned off the heater before we left for Florida on December 24th.  We had turned off the heat so that our heating bill for the month would be really cheap.  I spent the rest of Sunday cleaning the apartment.  It was not fun at all.  One of the worst parts of college is that my mom is no longer there to clean up my mess.  Be thankful that your parents clean up for you now because once you leave for college you are going to miss it.

My second semester of classes started today.  I had three classes today:  consumer economics, consumer behavior, and management and human resources.  These are all business classes.  I started class at 9:30 this morning and ended at 1:00 in the afternoon.  The rest of today I will go get my class textbooks and organize my calendar by writing down when all of my assignments are due for the rest of the school year.  I do this to remind myself when my assignments are due so that I don’t forget to turn them in on time.  I am really excited because tomorrow night I am going to the Wisconsin basketball game against the Michigan Wolverines.  I will be all dressed up in my badger red, just like you guys.

As always, it was great seeing you guys.  I was really impressed how everyone was working so quieting and diligently when I walked into the classroom.  Keep up the good work!




Hey Class,How is everybody doing back at Willow Bend?  What have you all been up to lately?Things have been going smoothly up in Madison.  This time of year I do not have a big football time committment, so I have a lot more free time.  Two weeks ago I went to a Badger hockey game.  We beat the number 1 ranked team in the country.  The crowd was crazy!  Last week I went to a Badger basketball game.  We beat the University of Michigan Wolverines.  As of today, the hockey team is the number 3 ranked team in the country and the men’s basketball team is the number 16th ranked team in the country.  Go Bucky!  One of the coolest parts of college is getting to cheer on the sports teams.  Everyone is dressed up in red and cheers as loud as they can for the entire game.  It is really exciting.My favorite class so far this semester is consumer behavior.  In this class we learn HOW and WHY businesses try to sell their stuff to buyers and HOW and WHY people buy certain things.  It is very fascinating how it all happens.  Commercials on TV make look very boring, but there are actually days and days spent planning these commercials.  Attached are my class notes from last Thursday.  Notice how the class notes are on Power Point.I can’t believe I have never told you guys about “Jump Around” during football games.  Before the fourth quarter of our games, they play a song called Jump Around and the whole student section of Camp Randall stadium starts jumping up and down to this song.  It is known all around the country and makes Wisconsin football games one of the funnest atmospheres in the country.  Here is a video from a game this year against Northern Illinois ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-X6qUgj6Oc ). 

Alright, everybody, I have got to get going.  I have to finish an economics assignment that is due tomorrow and then I have to cook myself dinner.  I think tonight I am going to make a turkey sandwich with potato chips, an apple, and a pickle.  I think for desert I will make myself a bowl of frosted flakes cereal.  Notice how I am not a very good cook



Hey Class,
Thanks for the response.  I am not sure if the groundhog here saw his shadow.  I did not know that the groundhogs are regional—I thought there was only one in the U.S. that determined if spring comes early.  It is pretty cool that you guys are learning the same things as me.  Maybe I could start sending you guys my homework assignments to complete???  The Bucky Badger Mystery sounds like an interesting book.  Hopefully they did not take you inside my apartment because it is not looking so clean right now.  One of these days I am going to get enough courage to ask Mrs. Grisaffe and Mrs. Mueller to come up and clean my place.  I am glad that you guys enjoyed the Jump Around video.  They only do that at football games, but there are a whole bunch of other cheers like that that they do at basketball and hockey games.  I got to go to the basketball game against Michigan State on Tuesday night.  The Spartans were the number 5 team in the country and we beat them by 20 points!  This Saturday I am going to the men’s and women’s hockey game.  They are playing the game outside on the football field!  Check it out ( http://www.uwbadgers.com/view.gal?id=62572 ).  Well I am glad you guys enjoyed my visit.  Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Stay warm and I will be back before you know it.Stay focused and keep working hard.  Go Badgers!



Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for the Valentines.  You guys are all such good artists. There were some really good Bucky drawings.  My room mates also really enjoyed reading all of my valentines.

Things are going well up here in Madison.  I had to wake up today at 5 am for a running workout, but other than that, everything is going well.  I have my first test of the semester tomorrow (Thursday) so I will be spending today, tonight, and tomorrow morning studying for it.  It is in economics, one of the toughest subjects for me.  Wish me luck!

Are any of you following the Winter Olympics?  My favorite events are hockey, snowboarding, and bobsledding.  What are your favorite events?

Good news…the men’s basketball team is ranked as the 11th best team in the country and the men’s hockey team is ranked as the number 3 team in the country. Woo hoo!

Thanks again for all of the Valentines.  I really appreciate you guys taking the time to think of me.


Hey Class,

Thank you for the update.  Sounds like you guys are very busy. 

That is pretty cool that you had my mom as a substitute teacher.  Hopefully she did not tell any embarrassing stories about me.

I have been watching a lot of the Olympics lately.  I have especially been getting really into the hockey games.  How bout that USA win over Canada?!!  What a game!  I can’t believe how fast they all skate.  I have also been watching skiing and curling because that is what is usually on at night when I am free.

I have some good news. My younger brother Mark is coming up to Madison this weekend.  He is in college in Massachusetts (does anyone know where that is?) and will be on spring break.  Remember how I said that my apartment is a little bit messy?  Well, I think I will have Mark clean the apartment this weekend.  I am also going to forward the message to John that he needs to “get busy and be more responsible.”

So I heard about this thing called Willow Bend’s Got Talent.  Is anyone in our class participating?

I am definitely looking forward to Spring Break.  I have three more weeks left of school and then I am off to Florida for four days with five of my friends.  We are driving and it will take 20 hours each way!

It was great to hear from you all.  Keep busy and keep working hard.  Spring Break is right around the corner!

P.S.  I got a 19 out of 20 on my economics test and got 45 out of 50 on my communications test


Hey Class,

How is school going?  Does anyone have plans for spring break?

Things are busy up here in Madison.  We started spring football practice on Saturday.  We have 15 practices over the course of the next four weeks.  At the end of the 15 practices we have a real game.  The weird thing is that we play ourselves.  Our team gets split up into two teams and we play against each other.  It is called “spring ball.”

School has been busy, but it is going well.  This upcoming week I have to write a paper on the use of credit cards for my consumer behavior class.  This class teaches you how businesses try to market products to buyers and how buyers (also called consumers) make buying decisions.  It is a very interesting class.  Last week we watched a video on Frosted Flake’s Tony the Tiger.  We learned that Tony the Tiger has been around for 50 years in an effort to get kids to eat Frosted Flakes.  The video informed us that kids feel like Tony the Tiger is a friend of their’s after seeing him on so many commercials and because of that they choose to eat Frosted Flakes.

This weekend one of my best friends from high school visited me.  He goes to the University of Illinois.  He was home for the weekend and decided to come up Saturday.  The dirve up here only took him 2 hours.  A really fun part of college is going and visiting friends that go to other schools.  It gives you a chance to meet new people, hang out with old friends, and see other college campuses.  My friend Rob really liked the University of Wisconsin.  He told me he thinks the campus is much cooler than Illinois’s.

Has anyone been following the basketball team?  They are ranked number 13 in the country, but had a tough loss on Friday to the University of Illinois.  Before the season started, they were ranked as the number 65 team in the country.  These preseason rankings are based only on talent.  It goes to show you the importance of hard work and teamwork.

Hope school is going well for all of you.  Make sure you get outside and enjoy the fresh spring air!


Hi Class,

How is everyone doing?  When is your spring break?

I am on spring break right now.  You may be thinking that I am in Florida like I said I was going to be, but I am actually in Madison.  I decided to not go with my friends down to Florida.  Instead, I went back home to see my parents this past weekend and now I am back in Madison to try and get a whole bunch of homework done before school starts up again on Monday.

I am in the middle of spring football practice, so I figured it would be smart to get a whole bunch of school work done while I am on break.  I am also going to use the time to clean our apartment and select the rest of my classes from now until I graduate next spring at this time.  I just got done meeting with my advisor (her job is to help me pick the best classes and the classes that I need for my major, or area of study). 

It is crazy for me to think that I will be all done with college one year from now.  I still feel like a kid inside.  Many of you are probably wondering what my plans are after college.  If I had to choose tomorrow, I would be a graduate assistant football coach.  What this means is that I would be a football coach and take classes at the same time.  I would be working towards a graduate degree by taking more college classes which would make me look smarter when I went to apply for a job.

The important thing for you guys to know is that it is not too early to start thinking what you want to do with your life.  Start thinking about what you want to be!  When I was your age I wanted to be a football player or a builder.  You guys can be anything that you want to be as long as you work very very hard for it!

Hope class is going well for all of you.  Get outside and enjoy the nice weather too.

Dream Big and Work Hard!

P.S.  The Badger hockey team is in the Frozen Four.  This means that they are 1 of 4 teams competing for the National Championship.  Go Bucky!




Hey Class,
As always, it was great to hear from you guys.  I wish we had the Willow Bend’s Got Talent show when I was your age.  My talent would have been building with Legos.  I used to be an expert with those.  Congratulations to Amanda for singing in the show.  That takes a lot of practice and courage to sing in front of so many people.Thanks for asking about John, “the messy one.”  Before spring break, I told John that he had to clean the dishes because all of them were his (and they were really dirty).  I was the first person back at the apartment after break and found about 5 dishes sitting out on our balcony.  John was too grossed out to clean them so he instead put them out on the balcony for some reason.  Apparently he thinks that the dishes will clean themselves out in the rain.My advice is simple for you guys—-when you get to college, make sure that you pick someone to live with that cleans up after themselves!John is slowly getting healthy from his abdominal hernia.  He will be ready to go in the fall for the season along with my other roommate, Bill.  Both of them will be protecting me in the fall, so I make sure to stay on their good side at all times 😉 .Did anyone hear about the Badger hockey team?  They made it all the way to the National Championship game!  However, they lost by a score of 5-0.  That means they finished the season as the second best team in the country….woo hoo!

This Saturday we have our spring football game.  It should be a lot of fun and we are expecting a huge crowd.

Good luck to all of you with your MAP tests and make the most of your last 40 days of class!  It is going to go by quickly!

P.S. Check out the picture of me with my older brother Mike (24) and younger brother Mark (19) after our bowl game in Orlando this past December.



Hey class,What is new and amusing?? Nothing new up here in Madison, but the weather has been awesome!  It is awfully hard to go to class when it is this nice outside.  You guys may be wondering why I said that, but in college you are not forced to go to all of your classes.  In two of my classes this semester there are over 100 people.  When a class is this big, teachers usually do not keep attendance.  It is up to you to make sure you go to class everyday because if you don’t you will fall behind.  Teachers will not re-teach things just because you missed a class.  It sounds different, but most of the time your college teachers do not care as much about you as Mrs. Grisaffe or Mrs. Mueller do.  College teachers will not remind you to turn in your assignments or will not offer encouragement to you when you are having trouble with your work.That to me is the BEST part of college.  Everything that you do is YOUR choice.  You have your own freedom to do what you want in college.  It is really important because you learn how to accomplish things without the help of others.  It really helps you grow up as a person.  College has really helped me learn to live on my own without the help of my parents and has helped me learn to depend on my friends more.  I think that my college friends are some of my best friends in life that I will remain close with for a very long time.  With that being said, I hope all of you really, really try to go to college.  It is such a fun time and such an important chance for you to grow as a person.  Keep working hard in school so that you can go to the best college possible.  Everything that you do NOW will set you up for success as you move on in life.Can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!



Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to say CONGRATS on winning the “largest group performance” award for your On Wisconsin video!  That is awesome!

What was the prize that you received?

Things are busy up in Madison.  This is the last week of class for the university and next week is final exam week.  I have a 7 page paper due on Friday and 3 exams next week.  It is so hard to study when it is so nice outside.  I’m sure you guys are struggling to stay focused right now too. Am I right?

Well, enjoy the weather out at recess today.  I am going to make time for my own recess today.

I will be sure to let you know how I did on my paper and exams.

Keep working hard.  The finish line is near!


Hey Class,
As always, I really enjoyed visiting all of you last week.  Congratulations on your improved MAP scores.

I just started summer school on Monday for the summer (at least you guys get a whole summer off in 2 more weeks!).  In the class that I am in, I have to write a 7-page paper EVERY week.  I know, it stinks!

I know all of you are getting antsy for the end of the school year, but make sure you finish up strong.  Winners always finish strong! 

Thanks again for having me and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.  Remember… once a Badger, ALWAYS a Badger!

P.S. let me know when you receive the winning prize!

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