#8 Getting Behind

Nov 15, 2010   //   by Tolzien   //   Weekly Updates  //  No Comments


I know guys, it has been a while. Sorry for that. I have just been really busy with school work, football, and cleaning up after you-know-who.

Right now I am struggling in one of my classes. The class is Accounting 300, which is a tough one here at Wisconsin. It deals with how business keep track of their spending through record-keeping and a whole bunch of numbers. It is basically a complicated math class. What has gotten me in trouble is getting behind. Early in the semester I completed some homework assignments correctly, but I didn’t really know the “why” of my homework and did not read the chapters well enough. I had a bunch of questions, but I failed to get them answered. I thought to myself, “oh well, I will eventually get them answered in class or when other students ask the same question.” As time went on, my new questions started to pile up on my old ones, and all of a sudden I was trying to find a way out of this deep hole that I had been digging for weeks. As it stands right now, I am still trying hard to get caught up. I am close to where I want to be, but it has been a real pain the past two weeks playing catch-up. It really wasn’t worth being lazy early in the semester.

Hopefully you guys can learn a lesson from me on this one. Trust me, it is not fun. The frustrating part is that it could have been really easily avoided if I just would have kept up with my work and asked a few questions. Pretty simple, huh? It was not worth the price that I have had to pay because of it.

On a happier note, we have strung a few more wins together on the football field. Two weeks ago we beat the Purdue Boilermakers 34-13. At halftime, we were actually losing 10-6. We didn’t come out with enough focus and energy, and it showed. Luckily, we re-grouped at halftime and came out with more intensity in the second half.

Did anyone see the game on Saturday? We won by the score of 83-20 against the Indiana University Hoosiers. It was just one of those games where, for whatever reason, everything went our way and nothing went the Hoosiers’ way. The coolest part about the game was that Bucky had to do 573 push-ups on the day. Whenever we score, Bucky has to do pushups for every point that we have on the scoreboard. I bet his muscles are still sore! One thing is for sure— Bucky got a lot stronger on Saturday!

Keep up the good work, everyone.  Make sure you stay on task and don’t get behind.  Only a week left until Thanksgiving break.  Suck it up.

P.S. Thanks again for all of your poems.  You guys get more creative every week.  Maybe you are just all getting smarter?!

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